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Recognize which of your activities qualify for R&D tax credits

This eBook helps AIChE members better understand the R&D Tax Credit and its
significant potential for tax savings.

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Less than one-third of eligible companies realize they qualify for the valuable R&D tax credit.

If you’re conducting activities that promote advancements as defined by the state and/or the IRS, your business has a good chance of capturing well-earned credits.

eBook-Cover-outlined-1This e-book is designed to help you recognize which of your activities qualify for R&D tax credits, what the qualification process entails and how a qualified R&D specialty tax services partner can help ensure you are receiving all available credits to reinvest in your business.

Topics include:

• The Evolution of R&D Tax Credits
• Understanding the Four-Part Test
• The Opportunity for AIChE Members
• Working With an R&D Tax Credit Partner

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Your AIChE/ETS specialist to answer questions and assess your eligibility to qualify, document and claim your R&D credit is Geoff Kimmel at 609-915-1607 or